AI scams are the next big thing in criminal activity. Via email, text, WhatsApp, Call - people are trying to scam you. With the voice of your daughter, your boss or simply with pretending to be the Microsoft service member fixing your software.

Whatever it is, it is not good: they want to steal your money and your identity, making then more money from you.

In this episode, Dietmar interviews Yuri Dvoinos from Aura.com, a firm dedicated to preventing scams against you, your firm and your family. He gives you great tips on where to be careful and, ultimately, how to not be scammed.

And, because it is so important, here are the steps to detect and prevent scam (I took the liberty to extract them from the interview, it's not official):

In voice calls:

- Is someone pressing for urgency?

- Is there background noise in the call?

In text:

- Is there a link to click?

In general:

- Is there something related to financial details?

- Does it play your greed or fear?

If you are unsure, call on another channel (important!) to verify if the call/message is from the right person.

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